Medieval Quilt III

Panel 1 - The Barons were becoming increasingly unhappy with John's reign, and on the 17th of May 1215, the rebellious Barons, led by Robert Fitzwalter, entered London and took control of the Tower of London, which was the nominal seat of John's power as King. Civil war was imminent.

Panel 2 - In a last ditch attempt to avoid full out Civil War with the Barons, John began negotiations at Runnymede, a boggy meadow between Windsor and Staines. The King's representative at the negotiations was William Marshall the Elder, while the Barons negotiator was Archbishop Stephen Langton.

Panel 3 - On June 15th, 1215, the negotiations resulted in a new Charter of Liberties called the Magna Carta being agreed between King John and the Barons at Runnymede. This panel shows the 25 Barons who were present, plus 20 abbots, 11 bishops, 1 Knight Templar (the King's banker), Archbishop Langton, Pandulf Masca (the papal legate from Rome), and King John.

Panel 4 - On June 19th the rebel Barons made their formal peace with King John, and renewed their oaths of allegiance to him. In the 13th century this would have most likely involved the Barons kissing the King as a sign of their loyalty.

Panel 5 - Less that ten weeks after the agreement at Runnymede King John betrays the Barons by sending a messenger to Pope Innocent III in Rome, asking him to annul the Magna Carta.