Fund Raising

The Magna Carta Quilters are an unincorporated and not-for-profit association of quilters. Other than getting their names embroidered on one of the blocks of the Thames Mosaic none of the quilters are getting paid. Ten percent of any monetary donations received will go immediately to a Human Rights such as Amnesty International, and every penny received over and above the actual cost of producing the quilt will go the same charity.

If you would like to contribute financially to help make these historic quilts and raise money for a good cause then we would love to hear from you. You can get you name embroidered on one of the Thames Mosaic blocks for just a £20 contribution. Of course, if you would like to contribute more we would not be offended.

To make a contribution either
* Print off this Sponsorship Form and send by post to the address given at the bottom of the form.
* Clink one of the links below  

  • Individual and Family £20 GBP
  • Business\Organisation £50.00 GBP